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DFE - Department of excellence

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The Department of Philosophy and Education Sciences has been admitted to the list of 180 Italian departments of excellence, and will have access to funding for the five-year period 2018 - 2022, to strengthen and enhance research excellence, with investments in human capital, infrastructures and highly qualified educational activities.

The MIUR has published the list of 180 departments, chosen from among the 350 already selected for the presentation of the candidacy, and the DFE appears together with other Turin departments in the ranking prepared by ANVUR

The Innovation in Philosophy and Educational Sciences project, presented by the Department and available in the Documents section of this website (Development Project - DFE), has the following objectives:

  • Enhance the excellence in the currently leading sectors and promote the improvement of the weakest disciplinary areas, thanks to the synergy of resources obtained, the recruitment of teaching staff, the participation in the Humanistic Library Center project, in consideration of the fundamental role that bibliographic sources and the archives cover humanistic research, and finally thanks also to the internationalization for exchanges of students, doctoral students and professors, reinforcing a policy of the Department that has already been pursued for some years
  • Respond to social and technological changes by improving interaction with traditional and non-traditional stakeholders, through the strengthening of the Quazza Laboratory and the creation of the Innovation Laboratory in Philosophy and Educational Sciences (LIFE) to aim at the study and interaction with society.

The DFE stands out for its innovative and interdisciplinary research themes, for its involvement in numerous international cooperation agreements, because it hosts prestigious research centers, offers excellent degree courses and masters and engages in high-level teaching projects and of Third mission. At the following links you can find a brief presentation of the strengths of the DFE:


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