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General and disciplinary didactics and empirical research methods in education

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General teaching
General teaching deals with research on didactic action and its quality, through a continuous interaction between professional experience and theoretical reflection, between action and research. His field of exploration ranges from the planning phase to the evaluation phase of the didactic action, with particular attention to the methodological, relational and organizational dimensions. The absence of a specific reference to an object or to a teaching discipline recalls its intention to develop a research method on didactic action and to provide a set of common and transversal key concepts to didactic knowledge.

Disciplinary didactics
The disciplinary didactics (currently the group deals with the didactics of mathematics, physics and geography) study the teaching and learning processes of the disciplines in question. More specifically, the research is aimed at the development of theoretical models for the analysis of students' conceptualization, at the design of didactic interventions, at the analysis of processes implemented during such interventions. The research group, in addition to carrying out research on the teaching-learning of individual disciplines, carries out comparative reflections, with a view to interdisciplinarity.

Empirical research in education 
Empirical research in education deals with describing educational and didactic phenomena, verifying the effectiveness of new interventions, evaluating complex products or systems, studying cases, solving educational problems in a context, structuring and verifying change actions and analyzing individuals or groups. The research field considered uses a scientific method that allows to build knowledge, evidence and improve actions. The development of intervention models to favor scholastic and academic success, docimological problems and the construction and validation of survey tools are also objects of study. The empirical research also addresses the contexts of adult education and the methods of planning and evaluating training interventions.



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