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Public engagement

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The National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research System - ANVUR defines Public Engagement as the set of activities organized institutionally by the university or its non-profit structures with educational, cultural and developmental value of society and aimed at a public not academic.

The scientific production of the researchers and professors of the Department in their respective fields of expertise is not closed only to the academic sphere, but is always conceived as a function of social responsibility and as a contribution to the wider public debate.
Specifically, social scientists and pedagogists intervened on issues of social and political importance with particular attention to situations of marginalization, making them not only objects of publications and public interventions, but also of experimentation with good practices.
Communication scholars have often intervened in non-specialist contexts on issues related to their research, in particular relating to social advertising, the impact of analog and digital media and the way in which the urban organization produces communication content and models.
Finally, philosophers have extensive dissemination and public engagement activities on ethical issues and on relevant issues of a public nature with interventions ranging from aesthetics to issues relating to the development of new technologies, from the problems posed by multicultural society and to new identities, from issues related to cultural heritage and the most advanced frontiers of scientific research

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