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Research activity of the Department

The Department of Philosophy and Educational Sciences focuses on critical reflection that investigates Philosophy, Education, Pedagogy and Social Sciences.

Research topics mainly cover:

a) Different branches of Philosophy: Pure and Applied Theoretics, History of Philosophy and History of Science.

b) Education (including history of education, multiculturalism, teachers’ training, disabilities, adulthood and life-long learning);

c) Communication, from a semiological and sociological point of view.

The Department offers a 4 year-long PhD in Philosophy and takes part in Humanities PhD for Semiotics and Anthropological, Psychological & Educational Sciences PhD for Education.

The department is organized in two different sections: Philosophy and Education. The former focusses on communication and Philosophy research, the later on education and training.

The Department therefore brings together scholars from various fields with the aim of developing inter-disciplinary analyses and promoting theoretical and empirical research, merging different branches of knowledge.


Department’s Research Centres:

CIRCe (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Communication)
LABONT (Laboratory for Ontology)
CIM (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Morphology “Francesco Moiso”)
CTAO (Interuniversity Centre for theoretical and applied Ontology)
Multimedia Lab “Guido Quazza”
Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies Luigi Pareyson

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